Innovative research on treating corneal diseases

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1. Summary

My research focus is on developing novel diagnostic and treatment methods for various corneal diseases including keratoconus and corneal injuries. Utilising 3D printing technique, our group has made significant progress to a novel treatment on corneal injuries.


xiao liu
8 months ago

Great work!

Jingjing You
8 months ago

Thank you very much!!

Mark Gillies
8 months ago

Very well done and engaging!

Jingjing You
8 months ago

Thank you very much and happy that you enjoyed it.

Nicole Carnt
8 months ago

Great job Jingjing!

Kelvin Li
8 months ago

well done !

Joanne Yang
8 months ago

Great work and keep it up!

Zoe Cat
8 months ago

Great work Jingjing!

Mona Ghabcha
8 months ago

Awesome work! Well done.

Georgia Frazer
8 months ago

Well done Jingjing!

Karen Yang
8 months ago

Amazing ! Keep up the great work Jinngjing!